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Panzani is brought to you by Ebro Foods, that’s us – the world’s largest millers of rice, and the second biggest makers of pasta. (And because pasta isn’t pasta without the sauce, we make the sauce too.)

We’re based in Spain, but not unlike pasta are spread across the world, from  to North America and Africa to Asia, and we’ve made it our mission to bring lip-smacking, nutritious pasta to every corner of it. We’ve also made it our mission to pick only the finest durum wheat in the world. And to inspect our plantations throughout the year, and not just before harvest. And our mission didn’t end there. Next, we baked a culinary centre into our  facility (the  stands for innovation), so as to be able to test our pasta for composition, taste, texture, flavour and colour. And when look at what we’ve brought to the shelf today, we can’t help but think it was all worth it.

Know your Pasta

There are 3 major religions in Italy: Catholicism, Protestantism and Pasta. And it’s the latter that is the cause of much religious fervour and communal strife across the nation. If you doubt that, just try pairing your pesto sauce with bucatini (or perciatelli, as it is known in other parts). 

Because as any Italian will tell you, it is the sauce that makes the pasta, and if the two don’t go well together, well, you’ve got trouble. Allow us to introduce you to a few pasta shapes, forms and pairings that are sure to get you out of a sticky spot.


Pasta’s pin-up girl. Sure to lift up spirits wherever it goes.
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Elegant, light-hearted and loved by all the family.
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Chicken and Pasta Salad

Dish of the Week

This simple healthy pasta dish can be made in just 2 quick steps! Give it a go when you’re in the mood for some refreshingly light chicken salad!

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Pasta Picks

Pasta by itself is no head-turner. But cloak it in the savoury, refreshing and sizzling sauce, and everyone wants a piece of it. As it happens, the trick with making a pasta sauce isn’t the sophistication; it’s the simplicity. Let’s begin our first masterclass with a relatively simple pesto.   ...

Heart: I want pasta! Head: What, again? Heart: Again? Head: Didn’t you just have some? Heart: That was yesterday! Head: … Heart: What? Head: Maybe try something new? Heart: Naah, pasta it is! Head: Okay, but not for the main course. Heart: As in? Head: Pasta sides, dummy! Heart: Hey, ...

We human beings are a visual species. If it looks good, we want it. Beautiful women, beautiful cars, beautiful art. And the same goes for food; we eat with our eyes. So the next time you whip up a feast for the gods, let it be a feast for the ...