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Heart: I want pasta!
Head: What, again?
Heart: Again?
Head: Didn’t you just have some?
Heart: That was yesterday!
Head: …
Heart: What?
Head: Maybe try something new?
Heart: Naah, pasta it is!
Head: Okay, but not for the main course.
Heart: As in?
Head: Pasta sides, dummy!
Heart: Hey, who you calling dummy?
Head: You, dummy. (Heart lunges for Head’s mid-section, Head ducks.) Hey, easy there! Don’t take it to heart! (Both laugh, and reader scrolls on to the meat of the text.)
Presenting 4 delectable pasta dishes to surround yourself with (these are sides, remember? 4 sides? No? Okay, scrolling on)

Fried Macaroni Pizza Poppers.








It’s pasta. It’s pizza. It’s fried. It’s finger food! What else can you possibly need?

This is the recipe for little poppers oozing with cheesy goodness to be served with your favourite food, drinks or even just by themselves.



Caprese Pasta Salad.

When all you want is a light, summery salad that helps you start off with a good taste

in your mouth this is what you cook.

Made with a few easily available ingredients, it can be stored in the fridge

for upto a week- so go ahead, make some more!









Spaghetti and Garlic Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

This one’s for the morning person who loves to cook in the morning.
This one’s also for the night person who wishes breakfast would just go by quickly!
Use last night’s spaghetti, add garlic and cheese and you have yourself

a delicious sandwich that you can proceed to wat with relish with your juice, omelet or fruits!

On the downside (which doesn’t actually exist, coz there’s simply no downside to pasta!) is (drum-roll)









Pasta Nachos

What, no clicks yet? Don’t make us do that again! Have a heart!