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We all know our cinema history, be it when Dorothy realizes she and Toto aren’t in Kansas anymore, or when Rhett Butler scandalized our grandparents with the D-word, or when Charlie Chaplin landed his first speaking role. But unbeknownst to many, over the years, pasta’s been quietly doing the rounds of Hollywood, featuring in a supporting role here, a cameo there. (And all that without a PR agent.) We decided to go ahead and lend credence to pasta’s silver screen moments with this list. Like?


I Love You to Death 1990-



Rosalie’s husband’s been cheating. Lying. Breaking the sacred oath. Red pasta sauce to the rescue. Tomato puree, chili, and 2 bottles of sleeping pills. Sleep tight, Joey.


Goodfellas 1990-

Paulie cuts the garlic so razor-thin, it melts at the touch of oil. Meat, red wine, white wine, scotch. Prison time was never this delicious.



Chef 2014-

Spaghetti con aria plays wingman to Jon Favreau, who successfully seduces Scarlett Johansson, much to the chagrin of a certain Mr. Ruffalo. It’s just a movie, Mark. Relax.




Lady and the Tramp 1955-

Kissing your Lady through a noodle of spaghetti. The real smooth move, Mr. Tramp. (You too, spaghetti-n-meatballs.)



Eat Pray Love 2010-

Recently divorced, and facing an existential crisis, Julia Roberts takes solace with a mouthful of spaghetti and an earful of Mozart all set in spectacular Italy. Mmm, rebound a la Bolognese.



Big Night 1996-

How do you resuscitate your restaurant? Simple. Serve the eardrum on opening night. (Il timpani.) Faith in pasta restored.



Godfather 1972-

Cannoli, a traditional pasta-based dessert makes a sweet entrance in the epic Godfather, right after Rocco pops a cap or two into Paulie. Epic.



Tampopo 1985-

Spaghetti makes a cameo in this now-famous moment in cinematic history. Slurp slurp slurp. Go ahead, the pasta won’t judge.




A long and chequered career. Now an assassin, now a wingman, now a soft shoulder to cry on. There’s a lot a pasta can do. Now how about we see some action on the plate, shall we?