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We human beings are a visual species. If it looks good, we want it. Beautiful women, beautiful cars, beautiful art. And the same goes for food; we eat with our eyes.

So the next time you whip up a feast for the gods, let it be a feast for the eyes too. Well, let’s open that bag of tricks then, shall we?



1.You won’t set up a Da Vinci against a patterned wallpaper. Because it creates a distraction. Similarly, while plating pasta, use white porcelain cutlery so that the eyes can indulge in the vibrancy of the pasta and the sauce.

The pasta plates should be chosen with utility in mind. A wide, flat bottom keeps the food warm. Shallow sides keep the disorderly noodles in place. The end result- a masterpiece of visual and culinary art.


2. This is the most loved technique in the world of cooking. It’s called garnishing. Add a sprinkle of fresh herbs, a lemon wedge or even diced peppers, and you’d be surprised at the beauty you just conjured. If they still pretend to not notice what you did there, pass the bowl of grated Parmesan. Works every time.




3. If you’re cooking for your date, make sure that you keep a portion of the cooked pasta that will be presented to feast her/his eyes, separately. Keep it silky and fresh (the pasta) by placing it in some of the water used to boil the pasta. Then, using tongs, grab and make little twirls of pasta after placing it on a serving plate. A little flair, and they’ll be wooed beyond their wits.



234. When it comes to frantic family dinners, use a serrated knife to pre-cut portions of baked pasta so the top remains intact when you serve. Use a spatula to lift the pieces from the bottom. (Love does not hold any prejudices.) This takes care of that since everyone gets equal servings.




5. Lastly, don’t forget to bring the gentle touch to the table. The plate should not be crowded with pasta. There should be enough room for the colours to shine out; they only complement each other when contrasted. And one last thing: less is more. Infinitely more.




5 tricks in the bag. That should keep you busy all weekend. Still here? Go on, chop-chop!