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Puntastic Pasta: 8 times Pasta was so punny, it hurt

We can all agree that pasta is the yummiest thing on Planet Earth. We can, right? Right. But can we all agree that pasta is also the funniest thing on Planet Earth? Well, you decide. #1 Afterwards, noodle bought a carton of pasta. And now, noodle is facing an existential crisis. #2 Impasta: like all

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5 Pasta Sauces That Could Save The Day

Pasta by itself is no head-turner. But cloak it in the savoury, refreshing and sizzling sauce, and everyone wants a piece of it. As it happens, the trick with making a pasta sauce isn’t the sophistication; it’s the simplicity. Let’s begin our first masterclass with a relatively simple pesto.   Purple Pesto Sauce    

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Pasta On The Side

Heart: I want pasta! Head: What, again? Heart: Again? Head: Didn’t you just have some? Heart: That was yesterday! Head: … Heart: What? Head: Maybe try something new? Heart: Naah, pasta it is! Head: Okay, but not for the main course. Heart: As in? Head: Pasta sides, dummy! Heart: Hey, who you calling dummy? Head:

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Best Pasta Serving Joints in India

The real taste of Italy isn’t found in a thirty-minute pizza and Coke. It’s found in the pasta. Have a look at our top picks for ‘The best pasta serving joints in India’. 1. Spago, New Delhi               People have been seen struggling here when deciding what to order.

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Al Dente Pasta Hacks

There’s more to pasta than meets the eye. As you would know if you’ve ever tried making pasta at home, more often than not, you’ll end up with gooey, sticky stuff that’s just not worth the time or effort. But that’s why we’re here, no? To make sure your next pasta escapade won’t end as

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That’s not true! Debunking pasta myths.

Had you been Italian, you’d have understood the significance of cooking the perfect pasta dish. We can’t make you Italian now. But we sure can help you cook like one. Since pasta’s popularity has increased, myths have begun to surface, which can get in the way of perfect Al Dente. Allow us to burst some

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The Pasta Creation Myth

“And on the 8th day, He created pasta and behold, it was very good.” We all know that pasta is heaven-sent (duh!), but when did we mere mortals first learn to love it? Fear not, young ones. This is the history of pasta as we know it. Marco… Polo? While many researchers credit the discovery

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The Four Most Famous Pasta Shapes (and what they’re called)

At Panzani, we know pasta like the back of our hand (and boy, do we know the back of our hand.) Alright, now that that’s out of the way, it’s down to business, then. The answer to the question ‘Just how many pasta shapes are out there?’ is: Over 600. But that’s the easy part.

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A Look Inside a Pasta Factory

Pasta 101: How it’s made If the average Italian eats more than 60-pounds of pasta every year, who do you think cooks it? Surely, not their mothers. Then who could be the do-gooder? Straight from the heart of Italy Bow down to the pastors of pasta- the pasta factory. The kind of work that the

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