Panzani was born the day Giovanni Panzani, a young grocer from Parthenay decided the world needed a traditional pasta. The year was 1946, and young Giovanni took up residence inside the family loft, bent upon making pasta the old-fashioned way: by hand. It would take him six hours to prepare 20 kilos. While he was clearly in no hurry to prepare his pasta, he made up for lost time by pedalling his wares on the family bicycle, armed with nothing but a bicycle bell. Over the next 20 years, his service offering grew (he started making his own tomato sauce), and with that, his market. Finally, the world could sit down to healthier and traditional pasta, and Giovanni could finally retire the old family bicycle.
  • 1911

    A Pasta Prodigy is Born Giovanni Panzani is born
  • 1940

    A Humble StartFondly known as 'Jean' he starts a pasta business in the traditional way.
  • 1950

    Panzani Causing A Star Panzani brand is born.
  • 1952

    The Sauce Panzani launches tinned tomato sauce.
  • 1960

    Bon Appetit Indeed Panzani becomes the No. 1 Pasta in France.
  • 1970-1980

    Taking Pasta Places Danone buys Panzani. Panzani is now exported.
  • 1990

    Leader Of The Future Panzani keeps on innovating
  • 2005

    Expansion Panzani joins Ebro Foods. Spain's No. 1 agribusiness company.
  • 2016

    Hello India! Panzani arrives in India, ready to “Make Something New.”

    Launch of our Panzani Gourmet Pasta range in retail
  • 2019

    Launch of Panzani Express Yourself and Panzani 3min Pasta ranges in retail

    Launch of Panzani Ristorante and Panzani Chef’s Choice ranges in HoReCa
  • 2020

    Panzani Pasta arrives to Amazon.

    Panzani is awarded as “Prestigious Brand” by BARC Asia.

    Panzani is awarded as “Best New Brand Launch Award” by CMO Asia
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